• About Us

  • Well, hello there!


    Let's get personal...I went to Greece one year with a girlfriend. I fell completely in love with the food, the culture and the men, I mean people! When I got back stateside, I said to my friend, "Now, how am I going to find a Greek man in La Crosse?!" A short 5 weeks later, I met him… no kidding! He was the inspiration and motivation for my store. How did I come up with the name? Simple, I couldn't think of one. Greek words were too long to consider, and I didn't want to offer only Greek stuff. And I drew the logo, it’s my cat, Bruce. Trust me, he would drink wine if I let him…

     We have, mostly, imported Greek wine, spirits, olive oil and food. We also have small gifts including tea towels, coasters, decanters, aerators, a variety of wine bags and more! You never know what you might find, and neither do I... I love ordering new things to keep the store fresh and interesting!

     Also, I LOVE creating gift baskets! I have metal baskets for you to put together your own special gift or have me do it! Plus, I do not charge for the wrappings!

     Don't forget to find us on Facebook for our latest event too. I hold wine tastings about every other month, I have a DJ, yes a DJ, and it's always a good time!